one week out

one week out I am thinking of:

  • what to pack
  • what I should buy here before I go
  • who I still need to hang out with
  • how I’m going to spend my week

What I’m not thinking of:

  • how long I’ll be gone
  • how fast it’ll go by
  • how much I’ll miss people
  • how many people won’t speak english

What I should be focusing on while I’m there:

  • what God is teaching me
  • what I’m learning in my classes
  • enjoying the culture and the people
  • being a light for Jesus and paying attention to how His love, power, church are displayed and working in Chile
  • and taking advantage of this amazing, mayhap once in a lifetime, opportunity!!


Thanks, everyone, for visiting and for comments these last couple days! It’s very fun :)

2 thoughts on “one week out

  1. It is probably a good to be so busy. Making lists and checking them twice (I’ve heard ) is helpful. Saw Speedo swimsuits ,$19.99 at Costco yesterday FYI. You are very brave.
    Love, hugs,prayers,
    Grandma O


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