A sampling of my week

So today was a very busy day.

Beginning at 4:45 AM when my dad and I carpooled to Boise.

yeah. early. I do like getting up early, luckily.

After I dropped him off at 6, I checked my email and my facebook like any good addict and then proceeded to fall asleep for 3 hours. I had the best of intention for those three hours. I was going to sleep for one, finish off my shopping list with another, and then work on finishing two half way finished books, but to no avail. The problem with getting up early is the lack of sleep, which tends to decrease productivity and increase sleeping over the best of intentions. The nap was nice. to say the least.

At 10:30 I had a lovely tea with my friend, in which we chatted about the strangeness of life and enjoyed a lovely brew of Jasmine Green Tea at Lucy’s. Shortly thereafter I joined another lovely friend for lunch at Baja Fresh. This has proved to be a lovely way not to be bored over Christmas break. Up until this break I’ve sat at home and wondered where all my friends had gone. (Note to self: call people and hang out for future breaks:)

To add to the “not-bored-ness” I am also working a few hours this break which necessitates a drive to Boise (taking on average 45 minutes one-way). Today I worked from 2-4, had a one hour break in which I ran and made my face turn red for my second shift from 5-7, then picked up dad and drove home.

so yeah, imagine 3 more days like that; filled with driving and working and running and hanging out with friends and you’ll have my week.

I should definitely pack at some point…haha. thursday probably. And I have a couple projects to finish.

It’s a fun time.

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