Itinerary: Jan 4-8

Bienvenidos a mi blog!*

So it’s here! I’m flying out tomorrow morning! I’m just a tiny bit apprehensive. Something of a “what was I thinking???!!” feeling. :) I shall be fine eventually I’m sure. I have my bags packed (minus a couple last minute things), I have my passport, I have things to do during the long flight and I’m currently trying to figure out what to put on my iPod for the best selection of music for traveling. I have yet to check in to my flight, but that’s next on my list :) I’m staving off the freaking out feeling. but here are some pictures of what I’m bringing. I have books, a journal, a planner, and the supplies I need to figure out how to crochet well. It should be fun :)

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We’re aiming to leave my house at 6:50 tomorrow so as to leave plenty of time for one last minute stop and checking in before my 9:20 AM flight. I shall be escorted by the members of my family that feel motivated to ride along to Boise and get up super early. I’ll get to Santiago, Chile at 9:30AM there time on Wednesday after flying through Seattle and Dallas. I’ll have a 4 hour layover in Seattle and a short interval in Dallas.

I’ll also be meeting up with one of  the group flights from USAC (the study abroad organization I’m working with). I’m really looking forward to meeting some people since I’ll be around them for four months.

Wednesday-Friday is our scheduled orientation and we’ll get more information about classes, class schedules (yay!), culture shock (that’s nice..) safety tips, and maps. We’ll also be taking a tour of the city and on thursday night I’ll get to move in with my host family (which as far as I know is one lady who lives about  6-8 miles from the school). I’m hoping to find out about the safest places to run, the condition of the drinking water (or what to drink and what not to drink) and quite a few other things…such as: will my host family have internet at home. That would be very convenient.  More to come later. I’ll be in Santiago, Chile by then! :)

Nos vemos!**

You might have to consider this your education in spanish :)

*Welcome to my blog!

**See ya! (or literally “We’ll see each other!”)

8 thoughts on “Itinerary: Jan 4-8

  1. I will be an avid follower I am pretty sure. I like reading other’s adventures while in the comfort of my kitchen. Have a great time. Enjoy the studies and the people.


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