El Fin de Semana!

I know this is late but it will have to do. :)

some highlights from this first weekend were:

  • Going to the Feria (or farmer’s market) saturday morning. It was very pretty with lots of bright colors, tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, some sort of squash you could cut pieces off with a huge knife and was sold by the kilo, flowers, fish, and interesting people. All of this was within about a quarter of a mile of my house.

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  • There is also a lovely place to run 4 blocks from my house. It’s a nice sandy path that runs along a major road and for a while on both sides of a canal. I would guess that it’s close to 3 miles long. it would probably be 6 miles to run the whole loop. And I’ll have to post pictures later, but along that path and scattered throughout the parks in santiago there are exercise machines! It’s really cool. They are multicolored like playgrounds are and only powered by the person using them. (if you’ve seen the new Karate Kid there are some elliptical-like machines near the beginning of that movie.) Here there are all different types: I’ve seen stretching bars, machines for arms and core and legs, ellipticals, and treadmills! It’s pretty great. I’ve taken advantage of the running path only twice since I’ve been here. But I’m hoping to run quite a bit while I’m here.
  • Another interesting part of the weekend was going to an arabian dance recital. One of my host mom’s friends has been doing it for 2 years and the school and other schools and some professionals were putting on a recital in the Bellas Artes Theater (It’s the one in Providencia, Santiago next to the Biferia<—funny name :D) It turned out to be belly dancing, only here, it’s called Danz Arabe. :D It was interesting and something different. My favorite part was when no one was dancing and the husband of one of the instructors sang a couple songs. That part was really fun and entertaining :)
  • My host mom has been doing a lovely job taking me places and it’s been really lovely. :)
  • I’m hoping to find a church some time soon so I can either go to the same one every week or try a different one and see which one I like best. :)

It’s been fun! :)

2 thoughts on “El Fin de Semana!

  1. All the parks in Taiwan had that exercise equipment stuff too! There was also a couple spots with it along the bike/run path by the river. I totally know what you’re talking about. Kinda fun to see just because they don’t seem to have that kind of stuff so much here at home. Who needs gym passes? :) Sounds like you’ve been seeing lots of fun stuff!


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