The first week of school

Well, my first week of school is complete! How about I honor it with a list of randomness, yeah? ok.

  • I have classes Monday – Thursday. Monday-Wednesday I have class from 9:35-11 and 2-5:15 and Thursday I only have class from 9:35 to 11.
  • I got my classes figured out.
  • I don’t have to take another semester of grammar (phew!)
  • I have 16 credits (9 will count toward upper-division spanish electives, 6 fill requirements for my spanish major and one is just an elective)
  • I’m taking: Modern Latin American History, Women in Latin America, Latin American Cinema, Latin American Poetry, and Hispanic Lit 2. As well as my one elective that consists of a trip to the south and a presentation at some point afterwards.
  • One thing that is different about classes here is the syllabus. They have the list of topics to be covered, but the specific due dates and dates for tests are not specified. This could cause me some stress, but I will try to go with the flow and wait til the tell us what to do.
  • There is a good amount of reading for each of my classes. All in Spanish. and the classes are conducted in Spanish.
  • I take the metro to school everyday. It takes about an 40 minutes to get there.
  • I learned how to do it by myself! (The first day my host mom went with me to school and then met me after and came back with me as well)
  • My host mom is very very nice. She takes me places. Wednesday we went and saw Casablanca in an outside park area this week. Apparently January is a good month to be here because of all the cultural events going on. Lots of opportunities for movies and theater.
  • Casablanca was in English. :) of course. I felt bad when the spanish subtitles showed up. But it’s a very good movie and I recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!
  • Thursday a group of students and I went to the Registro Civil to bring our documents and apply for a Chilean ID card. It should be ready in 2 weeks. We waited in line for two hours before being helped.
  • I haven’t run since sunday. I’ve decided that I’m going to run more next week so I don’t get stir crazy.
  • Tomorrow there’s a group going to a national reserve called Yerba Loca. It should be very interesting and pretty :) My first trip out of Santiago.
  • I’ve already been locked out of my house twice. :D once because there were keys in the other side of the door and apparently it’s not possible to unlock the door from the outside when it’s like that. The other the door blew shut and I was stuck outside without my keys or my phone only my computer with limited battery life :) I can elaborate later if anyone so wishes
  • I live very close to a friend and we went walking around and exploring some today which was fun.
  • this week has been good so far. :) a little tiring. stressful at times.
  • And today I have kept forgetting to speak in spanish to my host mom! it’s kinda bad! but I will try harder. My vocabulary needs to grow!

2 thoughts on “The first week of school

  1. You are doing so well adjusting in such a short time. In both cases of being locked out you had no control over the circumstances. I love that your host mom watches over you carefully.
    It is grey ,wet and foggy here this morning. It is good to think of you in all the color and light of the market pictures.
    Get plenty of rest and set aside time for your running.If worse comes to worse you could go to a Catholic church(smile).
    Can’t wait to hear about you trip out of the city.
    Take car of you dear one, love and hugs.


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