Lately, I feel like I’ve been hungry all the time. But it’s not a normal hunger. My stomach is full. But I still long. Sometimes I try to fill it with food.

Sometimes I give in and watch a chick flick or read a deceptively innocent romance novel or try to fill the space with exercise and busy-ness. But this route tends to leave me more worn out and lacking than before.

Sometimes, though, I let myself realize that I am seriously hungry. Not for snacks, not for novels, not for conversation, not for running, or the amazing chilean food where I am :).

Instead I really have begun to realize that when I have this empty feeling the best place to go is heed that call to move and be filled.

Today that familiar emptiness crowded into my fingers as I tried to force myself to find a few more adjectives for my increasingly late poetry paper.

Giving up and giving in to the quiet call that always pulls me in, I flipped open my big brown study bible.

New Testament.

Flipped a few pages and started reading:

But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'”

Matthew 4:4

Perfect food for my soul this day.

Here’s to letting myself realize my more serious needs more often.


*a side note:

The food here really is quite delicious. I love how laden with fruit and vegetables every meal is. not to mention the bread and empanadas  and everything that makes me want to learn to cook well and one day fill my home with good food. I didn’t used to care about food. I guess this is a good development for future home and family people. lol. lucky them. For now, I’m going to keep running to counteract the ‘rico’-ness and turn to my Bible a little more often to fill me when I’m full and empty at the same time. :)

now about that paper.. :)

2 thoughts on “Hungry

  1. It’s so good for your to recognize this “hunger” at an early age. Many people don’t ever see it and fill their lives with things that leave a long term scar. **hugs** to you dear one!
    Aunt Sarah


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