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How are my classes going? Quite well thanks! I thought I’d give you all an update as to what I’m taking and how they seem. so far so good.

I have 4 classes of three credit hours each and 1 week long field study to the south that counts as one credit. For a total of 13 credits. This will be the least I’ve ever taken in a semester but I think it will be good, especially considering all my classes are in spanish and most of the readings and all the homework. I’ll improve quickly I think, what with all this writing and conversing and living.

I had a whole different plan of what I was going to take this semester, but there were schedule conflicts and canceled classes. So I revised it down to 16 credits. Had to drop one class because of extreme awkwardness (Cinema of course. I should have known better, but all is well now), but now I have my schedule set and it seems like the homework is sufficient to keep me quite busy. I may end up with an accidental minor in Latin American Studies to go with my Spanish major and my linguistics major.  I just need to talk Boise State into that idea.

So my classes are:

  1. Survey of Literature 2 –  So I have a dislike of literature classes in general. Don’t get me wrong. I love to read. And I like writing well enough when I care about the topic. But sometimes writing about “modernity” and “pure creation” just aren’t my cup of tea. The readings are interesting enough. We’re getting into the short story section of the course so it should get a little less abstract. Which would be nice. There is a ton of writing in this course. I turned in the first paper a week late and the second on time. I was very convinced that I just made a whole bunch of stuff up, but apparently when analyzing literature that is what you’re supposed to do. I did surprisingly well on both papers. I was somewhat shocked. :D
  2. Contemporary Latin American Poetry – Another literature class. I think this one will stay the same throughout the course. Ok, slightly interesting. Lots of writing again. I think between this course and the survey of lit class I will have written 48 pages in spanish by the end of the semester. woot. Good for spanish vocabulary building!
  3. Modern Latin American History – This class has been very enlightening. It’s the first official history class I’ve ever taken. I’m really enjoying learning about how such and such effected whatever and when. I’ve learned about Latin America and, surprisingly, the U.S. We are supposed to read the news and report on something for every class. I’m becoming more globally aware. Which is really good. I’m thinking I might have to reread those history books that I “read”  in highschool (we all have some of those, right?) so I can retain a little more and not be globally illiterate. We’ve had some interesting discussions so far. mostly historical. but a couple that have had to deal with abortion and divorce and the conservative state of chilean politics. Interesting thoughts on all sides.
  4. .Women in Latin American Culture and Society – This is definitely going to be my most challenging class. It’s one that makes me think “Femi-nazis” even though I don’t know exactly what those are.  They’re the kind that make think “the only reason this is even on your radar is because you’re hyper aware and waiting to be discriminated against”…It is definitely a very feminist, very liberal, very “not religious”. It’s going to be challenging knowing what to say so that I can share how I feel about these things. The people in the class are assuming I’ll have issues with it. true. but not because I’m doubting my convictions or overly upset with theirs, more because of the way that things are discussed to put certain things in a bad light. and not even considering that perhaps there are negative repercussions. But I’m doubting they have put themselves in a situation to here the other side of a story. They’d be challenged there. All in all should be an interesting class. The feminist movement is one that I do not necessarily agree with. I might have to start writing out my thoughts about that class so I can sort through all the liberality.

I feel like these classes and these people that I have them with are going to be a good eye-opening and challenging experience. The anti-conservative mindset of most is intriguing because I’ve not had liberal people in my life much before and intimidating because they also are quite vocal and aren’t afraid to be loud… My cultural bubble is being poked. I think it’s a good thing. we’ll see how this semester progresses. :)

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

1 Peter 3:15-16

2 thoughts on “Classes Classes Classes

  1. I’ve had the same experience with similar classes! Make stuff up, (frequently the sillier the better) and you’ll get good grades on lit analysis, esp if you pay attention to teacher’s fav phrases and toss them in for good measure!
    History is extremely interesting stuff, esp era or place focused classes. They get into enough detail that information “sticks”. And yay for classes that broaden your horizons and make you think! I think most of them are supposed to be that way, but that doesn’t always happen, hmm?

    Also, “accidentally” having a minor in anything is awesome. Nice work! :D


  2. “My cultural bubble is being poked.” was probably the single BEST sentence I have read in a LONG time. :) I love it. Thought you should know. Sounds like things are going well and I’m so happy for you. Be safe Erika!!!


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