Language skills.

So its gotten surprisingly normal to not be able to say exactly what I want.
The starts and stops of stuttering new language are manageable. not an insurmountable force to overcome in communicating what I want to say. It helps that people are pretty good at inferring and they understand that I’m not from here. I’d rather they not say things in English for me. But some days. It’s just necessary. Some days (like when I had that lovely cold on thursday. that was one of those days) anyways. some days it’s really hard to understand what people are saying and it’s even worse trying to find spanish to say it in. Sometimes I just spanish-ize the pronunciation of a word without realizing it. And have to go back and correct myself a few words later. It’s quite entertaining.

But it’s getting easier and my self-correct spanish feature is beginning to function more reliably (It’ll be nice when it catches up enough to correct me before I say things. but hey, let’s not set our standards too high) . I’m learning. It’s good.


The trip to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar was pretty fun, though I’ll have to go back since this trip wasn’t quite suited for independent sight-seeing endeavors. I had fun in the craft market at Valpo though and the city was pretty :)

We climbed some dunes near Viña and a photographer took some pictures for USAC propaganda. That took a while.

Sad thing, either my camera is functioning in spurts and needs to be fixed or it wants expensive batteries so that I can take more than 2 pictures at a time…so that is why I have a distinct lack of pictures these last weeks.. we shall see what I can do.

Life is golden.

just hit play :) Good song. I’ve been listening to this CD since I got here:

Your space.

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