glimpses and highlights


  • Dogs roam the streets.
  • I’ve only seen one dog go after a person..he managed to ward it off with his backpack though so all was well.
  • Grass can be mowed or trimmed with hedge trimmers within an inch of it’s life.
  • I’ve only seen one lawn mower.
  • Sprinklers are few and far between.
  • Everyone goes out and waters their plants at about 8 or 9 PM when it starts cooling off.
  • I guess it’s the Idaho girl in me, but it does seem humid here sometimes. And when ppl complain of how hot it is when it’s 85 degrees and wonder how I’m not dying in jeans I say I’ve climatized and they laugh. Though I think I’m also just used to the 95 of idaho summer days. tends to make 85 look balmy.
  • I saw a parrot. I think. It was green. I hear them all the time but I haven’t seen one til today! :) yay! now to get a picture so people believe me. hmm.


  • I got to go shopping today. very fun. clothes about the same prices here as in the states. I found a lovely pretty pair of paints :)
  • My friend Lili and I found a lovely little Panaderia or bread/baked goods store. We’re planning on returning.
  • The second Casa de Neruda was interesting, but the one in Isla Negra is definitely more interesting.
  • Lili and I are going to go do Valpo for real at some point. She went to school in that area for a semester and she said I have to see the rest. so lucky me! :)
  • I keep making more friends at church and I can get there and back reliably without being lost on the bus.
  • I’m probably going to go to the Cajon de Maipu for a couple days this weekend. Maybe get to do the Zipline and hike around a little. should be fun. :)
  • I got a package from home this week! I loved the valentines!
  • In my package from home I got a new book that I am definitely looking forward to reading :) One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I officially felt spoiled when I saw that.
  • There is a yarn store near my church that I want to visit at some point. Maybe I can find some alpaca yarn. :)

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