last week. this week

I’ve very slowly been checking off my list of things to do and see.

Last week!

  • Last Thursday I went shopping with a friend and found a style of pants that I wanted for cheap.
  • Saturday a group of us went to Cajon de Maipu and found a glacier!!! :) That was really cool :) It made for a long day of hiking. And my camera was working so it was even better! :)
  • I’ve been attending El Oasis on thursday nights and church on sunday regularly :) very nice and refreshing to be around Christians.
  • Tuesday I went to the Feria/Market near Cerro Santa Lucia. We went on a whim so I didn’t exactly have money with me. But I’m going to have to go back at some point for souvenirs, pictures and such.
  • I’ve mostly decided that I’m not going to run any races while I’m here. My hip flexor has been acting up and my “trainer” thinks it’d be better to focus on running form and running consistently.

This next week! Week before spring break!

I’m hoping to:

  • Go to Cerro San Cristobol and ride the funicular
  • Visit the Zoo in the Cerro San Cristobol park
  • Go to the Gabriel Mistral Museum and take pictures
  • Buy some postcards
  • Mail some postcards
  • Run 12 miles

I have to:

  • Take 4 tests. Essay tests. yes. I’m not excited.
  • Write 2 papers
  • Pack for the spring break trip
  • Get up at 5:30 AM to meet up with ppl and catch a flight. And then it’s 5 days of traveling with the group. And 5 days in santiago doing whatever. :)

It will be fun.


Here are a bunch of pictures from Cajon de Maipu. :)

If you want to look at my facebook pictures the albums are here:  Chile 1 and Chile 2


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3 thoughts on “last week. this week

  1. Nice pictures! I bet that little lake had cold water in it. I really want to know what that sign says. Something about altitude and caution about climbing? Please translate? ;)


    1. Thanks! this is about what it says “For 20,ooo years glaciers covered a large part of the earth. This ancient ice has been responsible for the transformation of the countryside leaving at its passing marvelous valleys.”

      It also gives the altitude and the longitude and latitude and I’m not sure what the 8k is all about…but the part in the middle says it’s prohibited to climb the glacier without equipment and personal ability.


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