a request and a numbered list on life! :)

in case you were wondering about the lack of posts. It can be explained I promise :)

  1. I just got married. If you don’t know the distraction that provides for a girl you just have to try it! It’s pretty wonderful.
  2. I have loads of homework due, overdue, and soon to be due. Oh and by a lot I mean that I have 36 pages to write for 9 different papers in 4 different classes, 2 presentations to give and 3 o4 tests to take. not to mention a lot of reading that tends to go with the writing. I’m looking forward to the end. should be nice.
  3. The semester is drawing to a close…thus I need to finish my exploring, take some more pictures and learn a little extra, send some postcards and get some addresses. you know how it goes.
  4. oh and then there is always the daydreaming over wedding pictures, the running to negate chilean bread and to get faster, the chatting with girlfriends who just HAVE to have details! :) and all those dreadful things :)
  5. oh and I am getting anxious to get home. 23 days til home and 22 days til I leave!!!!! excited.
  6. I’m going to tour La Moneda tomorrow.
  7. Probably go to the general cementary on friday (supposed to be cool)
  8. and Saturday I’ll either go to the feria artesenal or do some museums for my education. :)
  9. Next weekend I’m hoping to go to valpo :)
  10. The monday after that is my birthday.
  11. The next weekend is easter and I have no idea what I’m going to be doing. it will be strange to be away from my family.
  12. and yes life is good. I will share my wedding thoughts and reminiscing soon! Though as you can see my brain is listing and not so good for story telling at the moment. :)

And I’m going to make a request of you all and whoever. I would like to collect some recipes :) so that I can feed my man very well and I can cook some different things and have some inspiration :) I’m definitely looking forward to cooking and I would really love to have a good trove of recipes to use before I begin :)

Thanks, my peoples! :)

This homemaking thing has been something I’ve looked forward to almost all my life. so bring it on! :)


3 thoughts on “a request and a numbered list on life! :)

  1. Would you like recipes after you get home or emailed to you now so you can make some menus? I know a great cookbook with fabulous recipes, perhaps you’ve heard of it? ;)


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