A tale of two: The beginning

well, how does one go about telling a story such as this?

Romance, excitement, drama, plot twisting,  character development,  problems to solve.

This story has it all. :) and it’s not just a story. it’s perfectly true. and amazingly wonderful every step of the way.

Looking back it’s easy to see just how exactly everything worked out and even how the problems along the way led to a better completion of the fairy tale.

Where does one start? At the beginning maybe. If I can find it. We’ll head back there to the middle of December and call it the place to start and the beginning to this segment of the story.

Boise Airport, Dec 20th, 2010

Yes, I imagine that would be a good place to begin. Since that is officially the last time we saw each other in real life before the day we got married.

Christmas break started and a few days later Israel flew off to Georgia to be with his family for 4 weeks before the new semester started. He left on Dec 20th and wasn’t getting back until January 17th.

I left for Chile on January 4th. For 4 months.

It was going to be a long and different 4 and a half months.

Part 2

Your space.

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