Good Friday

Hello Peoples,

Today is Good Friday. The shops are closed and it’s officially a national holiday. For which fact I thankful :) That means I don’t have to sit around and feel bad for not doing anything. I can sit around and know that I can’t really be doing anything because things are all (hypothetically) closed.

I have day free! I finished all my papers and presentations for the semester and I can’t necessarily justify studying for finals already. They don’t start til wednesday so I have plenty of time. Today is my day to blog, and catch up on life, put some pictures on facebook, maybe watch a movie, take a nap. It’s a good thing.

This last week was a crazy blur of writing papers, going to class, giving presentations, staying up late talking to my honey, counting down the days and wrapping up the last little bit of my chilean experience. The weeks have been sunny during the day, but cold at night and in the morning. I’ve been surprised. it has been getting down to about 45 at night and 75 during the day. Layers are your friend.

Last night my host mom presented me with a hot water bottle for my feet. It was a very nice surprise and made last night that much warmed. They don’t have heating and air conditioning in the houses here. Single paned glass is the way to go and I doubt they believe in very much insulation. During the summer the blinds stay closed and according to my host mom, you go to the shopping centers to cool off. In the fall and winter they have gas heaters and hot water bottles.

Today the rain has taken over outside and My host mom put a little gas heater for my room :) So now I can have it on for an hour and turn it off for a while since I don’t want to get gassed out of my room.
She also is very concerned that I bundle up my neck. So my outfit today has been augmented by a bright coral scarf. It makes for a lot of brightness next to the turquoise I was already wearing, but very cheerful for a rainy day.

I don't look like my mother at all do I..haha :)

If the rain lets up for a few minutes I’ll go out and run. Though I might just go out in the rain and let the chileans think I’m crazy. We’ll see. :)

I’ve been counting down the days and I have 1 week left. 7 days!

Crazy. I’m very excited. And at the same time I’m kind of sad that it’s almost over and that I’m so happy that it’s over. I’ll miss the people that I have made friends with here. but now I’ll have excuses to travel to other states to go and visit.

I’m glad I came to chile. and I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it when I remind myself that I lived by myself in south america for 4 months. How could I do that?? The longest time I’ve been away from all my family is a few days and even then I was with a friend or with Israel. But I guess surprises happen.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Keep taking lots of pictures too! You can never have too many of those, esp of a place you may not get to go again for a while.


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