oh the age of horizontal driver’s licenses

Yes, yes I did go and turn 21.

Last week  I renewed my driver’s license and I am now the proud owner of a lovely grownup horizontal Idaho license. Ok maybe that’s not so cool. But I was excited call me weird. In Idaho, the young’uns get tagged with a vertical license. I’m guessing it’s so no one has to strain their eyes to know you’re under 21. I think it’s kind of funny.

Though not incredibly important to me since I don’t tend to  frequent such places, I like my horizontal grown-up license.  bwahaha. The power.

I had my 21st in CHILE. fairly epic location.

My host mom greeted me in the morning with a pair of cute slippers that she had crocheted for me on my birthday :) I was surprised. She really is the sweetest person.

I went to school, gave a presentation, turned in my freshly finished 5 page paper, and then after oh 8ish hours on campus I took the metro to the mall and met up with a group of friends whose differences made the evening fun :) There was Sofie (opinionated from Sweden), Kate M. (adorable liberal from florida), Kate S. (rebellious conservative from Iowa), Sarah (sweet and christian from Ohio), Emily (save the environment from Texas) and yours truly (christian, very conservative, homeschooled from tiny Idaho). You can imagine the types of fun that we had. :)  Those girls are pretty awesome ladies. in case anyone was wondering.

We wandered the mall for a few minutes while I debated where we should eat (apparently on your birthday you MUST choose. No wishwashiness is permitted). I finally decided on my first impulse and we walked to a chinese restaurant near the mall. We beat the dinner crowd. To say the least. It was about 6:45. Chileans tend to eat dinner between 8:30 and 10 PM. We had the restaurant to ourselves. The food was great. Probably more authentic than Chinese food here… I couldn’t find anything labeled “sweet and sour” though it’s possible I missed it since the menu was only in spanish and chinese. ah well. Trying new things is good for you. We accidentally ordered it un-spicy..we’ll just blame it on our gringaness and my tendiness to get flustered with decisions. The waiter seemed to think I was in charge.

After dinner we still had a little time til our movie so we returned to the mall and window shopped for icecream. Ok ok. We got ice cream :) and the kates treated me to a double scoop :) It was delicious. We talked about how clean and dirty/OCD we were…for example, apparently if you sit on your bed (even when your bed is made) with your “street clothes” on, you are a dirty (not clean) person. I failed the test I think. Definitely not a “clean” person.

The hour for the movie rolled around and half the friendses left. Kate M. Sarah and I went to see a movie. Sonja joined us a little later and we had a grand time. The movie was a-mazing. In English it’s called The Concert. But the movie itself is in French and Russian. So we had our Spanish subtitles and went with that. It was pretty awesome. Very good movie. I’m hoping it will come to the US at some point so I can enjoy it with English subtitles and only have to deal with two foreign languages. :)

The way home was exciting. The movie didn’t get out til almost 11 and the metro closes at 10:30. We were left to the bus system or walking. Sarah lived close so she walked. Kate and Sonja and I got on a bus at the direction of a guy who really wanted to practice his english. He seemed knowledgeable and friendly and assured us that this bus would put us right past the metro stop where my house was. So we all got on. Kate made it home, no trouble. The nice guy got off soon after Kate. And Sonja and I were left to our own devices..haha. We stayed on that bus way too long and never went by the promised metro stop.  We spent an hour and a half in buses or waiting for buses at iffy bus stops. 3 buses later, we gave up and hailed a cab. Which is what we should have done in the first place. But it made for an exciting 21st and I was glad that the diverse group of ppl I hang out with had fun as well.

The end. ;)

2 thoughts on “oh the age of horizontal driver’s licenses

  1. What an interesting 21st! I especially enjoyed your Reader’s Digest (condensed) description of those attending. Diversity can be educational and great fun. After all, what if flowers came in only one color? It is hard to realize that you do posses a horizontal driver’s license, wow what is next? A 2-piece bathing suit?It is a joy to be allowed to be an observer in your life. Take care of you and know that you always have my love and prayers.


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