a tale of two: distance and decision

Part 1 can be found here.

Since our 6 month anniversary is coming up, I thought it might be time for another installment of our story together.

Read part 1 if you haven’t yet, but part 2 starts with distance and ends with a decision made well.

I flew to Santiago, Chile for a semester experience in South America on January 4th. It was pretty amazing. But far away. The distance from Boise to Santiago is about 6032 miles. And with how small our airport is the flight takes all of 24 hours including layovers. I left boise when the temperature was in the teens and got to Santiago in the middle of summer.

By the time I got to Chile, Israel and I had been talking via skype for a couple of weeks. Which is very different when you’re used to seeing a person every day. Needless to say the moments of missing each other were increasing at an exponential rate.

Around the time of my second week in Chile, Israel decided to come visit me over his spring break, bought a plane ticket and we were in the process of deciding what to do while he was there with me. We talked about hanging out around the city and doing random things (since my spring break was two weeks before his I would have to go to classes). Sometime in the midst of talking about this one evening we happened across a crazy scheme that seemed to make sense to us and be the right thing to do.

I don’t remember who mentioned it first, but I do remember that one of us brought it up and the other said that they had been wondering about the same thing.

“Why don’t we just get married then??”

Yes, that would be the crazy scheme. We talked about it for quite some time that evening, talking about the pros and cons.

I was very concerned about not including all of our families, but the more we talked about it, the more we knew that we just needed to get married. We didn’t want to not be married during that time while he was there (since that would mean less time together) and we didn’t really want to have to deal with a wedding when I got back (the summer was lining up to be a busy one for both of us).

We talked about it a good long time, I hemmed and hawed about details (pastor, family, church, plane tickets, legality, who to tell and who to surprise) and he said we need to just do this. Which became reality and God made it clear it was meant to be.

You may be thinking that this is a funny way to propose, and if you want to call it a proposal I suppose it would be. But the real proposal happened in April of 2010 when we began planning our wedding for June of that year. That plan didn’t end up having the right timing for God’s purposes. Maybe He just wanted me to get out of my bubble and go to chile, maybe we needed more time to grow apart and then together, but He was obviously in charge of it all and we stayed close the whole rest of the year (even when facebook said we were not “in a relationship.” Though as the rest of this story will tell, facebook is easy to fool).

God’s timing is perfect and because of the whole back-and-forth time in 2010, our parents weren’t completely bamboozled when we announced our plans to them this time, I already had a wedding dress, and we both knew exactly where we were going and what we had come from.  By that time we had known each other for two years and everything just seemed right and good thanks to our gracious God.

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

When I left for Chile I felt like I was risking everything for God. God had told me to do this, so I was doing it. I wanted to. I had always wanted to. But I felt like my life was in Idaho with Israel and if I left I wouldn’t have any of that. I didn’t know how we could stay friends across 6000 miles, I didn’t know how we could even be anything more than friends after I got back since people say that traveling changes people and who could really know? Going to Chile, for me, turned into a lesson on trust. Trusting Him with what was most important to me at that time. God used it for the best and gave me my heart’s desire through that lesson of trust. He is good.

Part 3

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