Racing, Running and pregnant me

So I’ve decided that there should be a pregnant ladies race. Instead of age categories you have categories like: 1st trimester, second trimester, third trimester each divided into three groups for example: I ran a million miles a week before I got pregnant (30+ miles a week ish), I ran some before I got pregnant (10-20 miles a week), and I sort of ran before I got pregnant (o-10 miles a week). That way you might have a chance of winning and there’d be something for us pregnant people to run for. :)

I’ve been reintroduced to the racing drama (I’ve completed all of 2 races in my life..but I still get excited about it and want to do more 5Ks) by my family members (who have been inspired by various people) and husband (who happens to be epically fast according to me (still slow, according to him, but who runs 5:40 pace for 5 miles?? apparently he’s used to being faster. he’ll get there no doubt) who have been racing at various community things and doing quite well.  I want to do more things like that, but at this point I run so slow it makes more sense to wait til after the baby comes. It’s challenging enough just running while pregnant. We’ll see how it goes, but so far it’s doable. Closer to the time I may have to switch to more stationary activities to stay active (ellipticals..stationary bikes) but for now I’m enjoying that I can run at all. I’m hoping to be able to stay active enough during this pregnancy to be able to hop right back into running soon after. It will be interesting to see how that goes. (don’t worry people, I won’t push it and my husband is very careful with me).

But yes, we are having a baby and it is very exciting. I’m at 18 weeks (that means 22 more?). It’s crazy that it’s almost halfway already. Hopefully we’ll be able to get an ultrasound soon and see if we’re having a boy or a girl. We might be more motivated to talk about names at that point! :) I can’t wait! :) February 24th seems like a long ways away, but I know it will go quickly as we make decisions, prepare, go to work and school, and get everything figured out for the little thing :)

We heard our baby’s heartbeat last week. It’s crazy how fast those little things pump! It was almost twice as fast as my heartbeat :) So cute. It took awhile for the student midwife to find it, but when she did we were all quite happy and impressed.

Israel is hoping for a boy and obviously the child will be fast :) (We saw a 3 year old at the race today and my dad says to me: “That’s going to be yours in a couple years.” Probably quite true. It will be fun and Israel and I are definitely excited to add another person to our family :)

As for my baby bump, it’s finally obvious to people who know me. I think in a week it will be obvious to everyone.

My mom and I went shopping on wednesday. I ended up with two cute shirts and a pair of pants…Maternity style (what????) They are very cute. I also got a belly band..should be useful for allowing me to wear all my normal pants and skirts :)  Anyways. Life has been interesting. I’m finally getting almost normal amounts of energy back. months 1.5-3 I was basically exhausted with pretty minimal nauseous moments, month 4 was not as bad, and now I’m feeling close to normal (minus the bump and random achey points when I run as my body adjusts to running while pregnant).

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