Mao in my dreams

Just so some of the inexperienced at being pregnant might enjoy some of the benefits I thought it could be interesting to share some of the random and strange dreams I have now.

Last night I dreamed that my brother, Jared was Mao Zedong. It seemed like we should be in China, but it was like my family’s church camp that we go to every year. Jared had to meet with someone and make some sort of agreement. Jared speaks english and the other person spoke english, but Jared wanted to conduct his side of the meeting in Spanish so I was there as his interpreter. I don’t remember what they were trying to agree upon, but jared was standing on a wooden platform and I was down somewhere at his feet and never saw the person he was speaking with. The end.

soo, yes. The dreams have become somewhat crazy in a completely different way.

Explanation of this dream: I am taking an Eastern Civilizations history class and we are just finishing the unit on china and spent the last week (or three) talking about communism, China, and Mao Zedong (thus Mao in my dream). At some point during Mao’s leadership China had to make an agreement with Japan and in order to seem prestigious and to show how well educated they were the Japanese conducted their side of the meeting in English, so the Chinese were forced to use an interpreter and had a “foreign devil” in their group (thus me interpreting). Spanish came into the dream because I am taking spanish classes (pretty much almost fluent), Jared took a spanish class, and my next in line brother is just starting spanish as well. Why Jared was Mao instead of someone else? who knows. Why was it at church camp? beats me. All in all pretty funny and I was disappointed that my alarm went off and woke me up, because I didn’t get to find out what was going on.

Not all my dreams are so ridiculous, some seem more like glimpses of something else, but often, these days, the others are a little insane. My history professor would probably be glad to know he is making such an impact.

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