As life progresses

thought bullets :)

  • I think I must like school too much. It is the first semester of my senior year and I still enjoy being there just like the first year.
  • It is strange to be figuring out my schedule for my last semester of school at boise state. I”ll graduate in May.
  • You know you’re tired when you wish you could take a nap while you  walk across campus. (yes, that did happen today)
  • Olive Garden leftovers make a lovely lunch.
  • Kitties in cones are amusing and pitiful.
  • I have 12 tests, 2 papers and 3 presentations left of this semester.
  • History is nice to learn but annoying to be tested on.
  • Yoga gives you sore muscles (believe it or not).
  • Does taking care of a baby count as a full time job? And is it a legitimate thing to use my degrees in linguistics and spanish for? I think it is for now at least. I just don’t think the people asking me “what are you going to do with your degree?” would quite understand.
  • I find myself looking at the little pictures we have of our baby everyday :) Just wondering everything.
  • Just today I decided that the little buns picture is adorable…though I won’t be posting that online lest it be used as blackmail in 9 or 10 years.
  • Christmas is coming!
  • Thanksgiving is also coming, though to me it seems like we should be having easter next. My easter this year was different than any in my life and didn’t feel like easter. Chile is different.
  • I have been thinking of things I’d like to do after I graduate, though I may not have time to, but I probably should do anyway: Keep improving my fluency in spanish til I could be comfortable interpreting, learn Amharic, run much and well, write more and better, finish learning greek, find books of interest and read for continuing learning, knit, crochet, play my non-existant piano, cook well, and keep growing as God wants me to. Not to mention raise a little baby and take care of my husband and grow our family together and well. It will be interesting as I find the place where God wants me to be since this phase of life (college) is coming to an end and the moments of wifehood, motherhood, and being a productive woman of God continue and begin.
  • God leads well and provides abundantly. :)
  • our little blessing :) The youngest :)

some pictures:

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God’s love:

Ecclesiastes 11:1,5

“Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days…Just as you do  not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things.”

5 thoughts on “As life progresses

  1. I’m pregnant, and going to school as well. I totally snuck a nap on a couch in a student lounge the other day. People kept waking me up. I should’ve made a sign that said, “I’m not sick, I’m pregnant, let me sleep.”


        1. yay! that’s exciting! congratulations :) I’m due on february 24th :) And it is always fun hearing from other pregnant ladies at this point.


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