Coming to grips

Realizations of a pregnant wifey:
1. I must sleep and eat properly if I want to accomplish anything during the day (including sleep).
2. I am pregnant and even doing normal things can wear a body out quickly.

Confessions of a horrible housewife:
1. I think today was the first time I cleaned the kitchen since Monday.
2. My main motivation for cleaning it today was that I wanted a certain smell to cease smelling. (my pregnant nose working overtime…)
3. I was all proud of myself for actually doing laundry.
4. But then my husband informed me it had “molded”. Yay…(this might cause me to beg fora dryer…).

Redeeming self from said confessions:
1. The sheets are clean and drying with a fan in the bathroom!
2. I remembered to wash my husband’s work clothes for tomorrow. (now to remember to iron them…)
3. The dishes are clean although still in the dishwasher.
4. I made myself eat more today and felt better for it.
5. And I got very happy scores on all the tests I took this week.

Next week:

– eat better
– sleep more
– ace more tests
– and then I might have energy to actually run and such ( though I must remember to keep in mind that running only get to happen if my body says I can. Which results in motivation to rest and feed myself correctly instead of in the normal style of a college student; haphazardly).

Oh life. How fun you are. :)

21 weeks today!

Your space.

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