Fall fall autumn.

It seems that fall has finally come and with it the rain, leaves, cool fresh air and loveliness of the season. I think I say finally because I’ve basically been in summer since January. I had a few days of winter, jumped into the middle of summer, had a week or so of fall, jumped back to spring, had a week of spring and then came my second summer of the year. That’s what happens when you jump the equator a couple times in the middle of your year though. I enjoyed it. But now I am twice as happy to see fall now and winter soon.
It is crazy to me that I lived in Chile for four months this year. It seems like longer ago than that. But i was definitely there six months ago. A lot has happened since. And a lot is happening soon. Within the same year and a half I will have gone from single to married, untraveled to traveled, non-fluent to mostly fluent, high school grad to college grad, and from carefree 20 something to mother of a little boy. I am excited.
I am looking forward to our firsts: first thanksgivings, Christmases, Easters. With my family, his family and the little family that is ours. So fun :)
I get to register for classes on Monday. And it looks like my schedule will be doable and will have breaks for baby time, husband time, and mommy time. 12 credits should be doable, praying for an easy avoidance of conflict in the middle of the semester when our little thing comes.
Next semester I’ll be taking two senior seminars, one in linguistics and one in Spanish (seemingly consisting of a long paper and a couple presentations each…doable if the work is spread though out the semester.) I’ll also be taking one more upper division literature class..( guessing it will be more reading and writing), and I’ll have one more linguistics class called phonetics and phonology that I shouldn’t have any trouble with at all.

I’m excited. :)

And right now I am writing here instead of studying for my history and spanish tests. I suppose I should stop avoiding that..

Oh and my baby bump has finally grown to a point where it is visible to most people an so tht it actually looks and feels pregnant to me instead of just feeling like I suddenly have a belly. It is so much easier to dress yourself when you actually look pregnant and can show off the belly rather than the other option. Lol. Yay for growing baby. I’m sure I’ll be tired of it at some point but for now it is nice.

I didn’t run at all last week, but I think the rest was good and I definitely appreciated the 10+ hours of weekend sleep last night. I should be able to run a bit this week and feel better for it. My husband says I must teach the baby to be fast starting now.

There: successful delivery of random fall thoughts has been completed.

Work I must. Though thinking about Christmas would be much more fun.

One thought on “Fall fall autumn.

  1. Yeah, I’m praying every day that baby doesn’t come early. We waited to start trying to time it out correctly with school, but we got pregnant first try (who does that!?) so I’m due the weekend after spring finals. I hope everything works out with daycare/school for you!


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