A tale of two: a secret kept and told

If you haven’t read the first two pieces of the tale yet, the first part is here and you canclick the link at the bottom of that post to view part 2.

Part 3:

As we began to make our plans more concrete we had to decide what sort of secret or story this was going to be. We could tell all and make it public, we could tell no one and elope, or we could tell a specific few and have a joyful secret for two and a half months. The latter is what we decided since I could not imagine not including some family (it went against all my girly romantic notions).

Our specific few were chosen.

We told my parents, my siblings, my grandparents, his mom and his siblings.

The choice to keep the secret proved lovely and well since gossip was avoided, the people who loved us most were informed and we could move forward with our plans knowing our family was behind us all the way. I don’t really remember how we told people(I’m sure they’d be able to tell you later. They might be scarred for life who knows.), but I’m pretty sure I told my parents that Israel was coming to visit and then hinted unendingly that they should consider coming too. But they had the family trip and thought we’d have more fun without them (little did thy realize that we were trying to surprise them with a wedding).

Lucky for them we quit hinting (we were too excited to wait any longer) and told them that we were getting married while israel was in chile and did they want to come? At that point they really thought a little and decided to come. Israel invited his family, they made their plans and eventually most of them decided they could make it. My sister in law and nieces couldn’t, but his mom, sister, and brother could. Eventually we decided that my grandparents should also be told and invited.

We were so glad that they all decided to come and it was a blessing to have them all there with us on that day. As you might guess the secret leaked out just a little to a few friends or friends of parents since we were all bursting with excitement for the trip and the event,but most had not a clue of the proceedings. I’m sure I’m not remembering this at all perfectly or completely accurately but that was in january and this is november. Mostly I remember the excitement of people once they were told, our excitement when they decided to come, and the convenience of being slightly removed from people who might find it necessary to express concern about our decision.

For us it seemed right. We had waited for God, He was saying go for it, our family was in favor and understood us well, and we were finally able to go forward the wedding (and life) we’d been secretly wanting for awhile. Part 4

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