November nothing to do with anything :)

You’re getting used to the random lists right? Good. Here’s another batch.

1 – The cats know exactly where to be when the heater clicks on to take the most advantage of the warmth.

2 – I love being able to feel the baby stretch across my abdomen and being able to almost hold him in my hands until he wiggles away from them. He’s getting big. I’m sure at some point I’ll just think “child, you’re kicking my guts!” but for now, it’s all joy.

3 – I need to: make brownies, write something of a blog post, study spanish literature, finish my physics homework and chill

4- Jesus, A martyr? I’d have to say no. His position and purpose were so much more and so much worse at the same time. Jesus died. But he died forsaken. He called out to His Father, His God, and asked why He had turned away. Martyrs die knowing they are dying for God, enveloped in His love, His assurance and His grace. Jesus died for us. Following his father’s will, but outside of His presence completely abandoned by all, He died to be resurrected. He died the ultimate death so that we could gain access to the presence of God even in our sinful condition. God turned His face away from Jesus so that he would not have to turn His face away from us. We are covered completely in the holiness of Christ. How incredible is that? Does that give you a new picture of the cross and Jesus?

5 – Random thought: I don’t really know how to give a baby a bath. I should figure that out.

6  – How many cloth diapers are necessary at one time so as not to give the impression of doing laundry ALL the time? I’d like to avoid disposable diapers, but the proper number of cloth to begin with would be helpful.

7 – We can buy a house at some point soonish if my husband goes full time at his job like they’ve been begging him to all year…God provides in mysterious ways. swinging a full time secondary job, his primary focus of his photography business, and taking care of baby while I’m in class will be a balancing act for a few months, but it will be worth it if we can stop dumping money into an abyss never to return (ie. renting).

8 – I’ve found that on tuesdays I spend about 40 minutes just walking to and fro on campus. This is almost enough time to listen to a sermon on my ipod (which leaves me smiling for all to see, but hey, they can ask if they want to know why I’m so happy or what I’m listening to). I probably average about 3 hours a week of just walking around that I am left to fill my ears with what I choose..sermons seem like an excellent choice. I’ve been listening to podcasts from The Ramp (a church somewhere in alabama). It is quite a different from the church I grew up in (charismatic vs. small church lutheran) but I’ve been blessed with it and how it stretches and deepens my understanding of God.

9 – Beautiful photography make me happy.

10 – Almost best of all – my sister and her husband are having a baby 3 months after ours. So they’ll be very close in age and I get to be pregnant at the same time as my sister. I’m so glad they live nearby.

3 thoughts on “November nothing to do with anything :)

  1. Aw! That’s a nice list. :) #10 is def good. :) Having a house would def be good. Our nearby auntie with a new baby right before yours could probably tell you about diapers and give you a baby bathing demo. :)


  2. I’d say a dozen diapers is a bare minimum, with 2 dozen being much more comfortable. And if you happen to need baby care for a few hours now and then I would happily drive to Boise to help out! :) And count myself very blessed.


  3. My experience is coming to you from last century. Your G-Gma. O”B spoiled me with fitted diapers. I worked four days a week. The washer, dryer and diaper bag each held a days number of diapers in various stages of readiness. Two to three dozen would keep “itsey” comfy and give you a nice cushion in the event of a laundry lapse.
    It is so sweet to be having this conversation. I am anxious to see this new little face. Take care of the mommy.


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