It seems like my to-do list is growing longer the longer I am awake today. So I’ve written each thing down as I have thought of it and hopefully I’ll manage to present myself with something mostly completed at some point eventually (hopefully that’s vague enough for you..haha). For now I must move on to my to-do list, though I did want to share my tribute to thanksgiving in our house.  We have a little turkey family on our fireplace mantle thanks to my sister-in-law and nieces. We would not have anything if it weren’t for that. My excuse is that we were out of town visiting family the whole week of thanksgiving which may or may not be valid. But at any rate I’m hoping to decorate a little more for Christmas to help the season seem special and thoughtful and real.

Also in my thoughts is how we are to deepen our walk with God daily and Christmas is an especially wonderful time to walk closely with God. This song has been speaking to me and hopefully it will speak with you as we jump onto the train of the holiday season and seek not to be overwhelmed with the unimportant or the insignificant. We need to be focusing on the care that God has given us and promises us each day instead of focusing on the things we need, want or need to do.

Awake, my soul, awake. Pause, breathe, contemplate God, and then move forward with your to-do list with a little less worry, a little more peace, and a sense of well-being that only He can give.

So there’s a something for you. Now I’m off to my to-do list.

Your space.

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