Thanksgiving counter 2011:

  • My wonderful husband
  • Our little growing boy who now has a name that shall not be shared on the blogosphere though i shall probably refer to him as Rambo as a nickname
  • My adorable nieces and another neice or nephew coming soon
  • my family of old and the newest additions of babies and in-laws :)
  • knowing people who have no problem saying ‘might could’. Which ability,in my linguistically inclined brain, is pretty awesome :)
  • shopping with my sisters-in-law at anthropologie on black friday
  • getting great deals on said shopping expedition
  • being able to spend thanksgiving with his family in a whole different way
  • knowing that christmas is with my family and that will be my first normal holiday this year
  • my season in chile was productive, necessary and meant to be
  • i married my best friend and always have new reasons to love him more
  • i only have two weeks and one semester left of college
  • hand me down maternity clothes from my sister-in-law.

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