I’ve found that…

…vacations are good for your marriage.

Israel and I went to the south for thanksgiving this year. We visited his family in Atlanta and Birmingham. I loved being able to spend time with his family and see how they celebrate the holidays. The main differences between his family gathering and mine were the size of the gathering and how we prepared the meal. In my family the meal gathers potluck style with each family being in charge of a specific item. This year all the riches were made in the same oven, we had half the dishes the night before and half the day of. It was very fun to gather and actually bake and cook together.

But as I was saying, vacations are good for your marriage. For me it seem that it gave a moment to realize that we understand each other and are better at living with each other than anyone else. We were able to pause and slow down a little. Go out to eat. Go on a hike. Ignore work. Ignore homework. Enjoy a good movie in a semi-leisurely fashion. We ran through airports, flew across the country, we got home tired, but it allowed us to be able to get through a busy week of work and school right after. (I think that including the vacation week my hard working man worked about 45-50 hours a week because of crazy deadlines the week after thanksgiving.) And somehow it just reawakens little pieces of affection that may have been becoming tired or worn out from life and living. We hadn’t had a longer vacation together since about june and this one was well used and much needed.

…busyness can bring you closer together.

During this last week I think that it has been a refreshing look into how thankful you should be for each little moment with your spouse. It makes you realize how much you rely on them for emotional support and verbal release (I can chatter israel’s ear off if I haven’t gotten to see much of him). It also makes you think about what you can do to try and help them with their load and make it a little easier (I haven’t gotten good at this yet, but the thought is definitely there).

….silence and sitting together are important for closeness.

…cooking well (or at least using a recipe and making something new and different) is important for taking good care of your man.

…being able to adjust my schedule so I can be free to do what he wants to when we’re together has been a necessity and a blessing when done right.

…being fit enough to do what he wants to do is important to me.

We got to climb Stone Mountain in Atlanta while we were there. Israel said people were giving me funny looks for climbing it since I’m obviously pregnant, but I was too busy huffing and puffing and vowing to get in better shape to notice.

…First Christmasses are to be savored and even two strands of lights can lend to the cheer of the season.

…I love my husband more and am more grateful for him and our life together as time passes.

…I am blessed.

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