Earthquake in my stomach

Awesome anticipation and momentary dread would accurately describe the feelings I have for February 24th, 2012; the day our little boy is due to be born.

Always anticipation to meet the littlest man in our family.

To see his face, cuddle him close and to share the feeling of him with his daddy.

Oh I’m so excited for it.

Of course there is the slight dread of how the little thing is going to enter the world, but I always throw that out of my mind as quickly as possible. I assume that women have done it for years. I think I’m tough. I should be fine.

This afternoon I got out the video camera and recorded some of his wiggles. He is a very obliging fellow when it comes to wiggling as you shall see :) It will be fun when those wiggles are out in the real world so the face can be recorded instead of my shirts. haha. I’m sure this is a slightly strange thing to do, but I’ll just blame it on being pregnant and irrational. Here’s the video :)

(side note: I need to get my husband to show me how to reduce the size of these movie files…since I’d rather not spend forever uploading them.)

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