Your Brain on Baby

When talking about the damaging effects of certain drugs on the brain there seems to be one left out. You see the pictures of “your brain on crack”, “your brain on alcohol” or whatever other harmful substance. The before and after picture show a very distinct difference.

I’d like to suggest that there needs to be another study done entitled”Your Brain on Baby” or “Your Brain during Pregnancy”.

Almost as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I started noticing how my brain seemed to be leaving me. I blamed it on being tired at first..which could be quite valid. But with the increasing forgetfulness, numbers of batches of cookies or food burned, lost assignments and forgotten personal items I begin to wonder where my mind has gone.

I assume that it could possibly be in baby lala land where one thinks about:

Photos to be had/sweetness/family growing

The possible baby decorating items

among other things

And nothing else could possibly fit in the once sane brains of these soon to be mommas. Their brains have just gone to heck and all the butterflies and nonsense of baby making hormones have taken over.

sometimes, in the midst of all my usefulness accomplishing school projects and whatnot (which builds confidence that my mind is still there), I lose my cell phone…

and find it an hour later, of all places,  in my boot.

Yes, the one I was wearing.

Yes, I walked around before finding it (up 3 flights of stairs in fact).

How is that even possible.

At those moments it would almost make sense to assume that I am losing my mind.

There is a large amount of evidence in my pregnancy alone that something switched since being pregnant.

  • constantly leaving my cell phone/jacket/water bottle in lecture halls (I now pay especially good attention when leaving classrooms and don’t do this anymore)
  • getting all the way to the store before remembering I should have my debit card (not to mention driver’s license)
  • Losing my cell phone. in my boot and other places.
  • Losing my keys. in my purse and other places.
  • constantly burning things in the kitchen (though my heightened sense of smell has mostly kept that issue at bay)

My brain on pregnancy has been quite an interesting thing. I’m awaiting further developments and such to see how actually have a child will affect my ability to be organized and remember things.

However I am happy to report that it hasn’t affected such large areas of my brain that I can’t do my homework or take care of things I need to do. Though I would like to see some pictures comparing before pregnancy brains, during pregnancy brains, and after pregnancy brains just to see if there is a distinct difference anywhere. I would then have something besides myself to blame when I leave my things scattered from here to kingdom come with no remembrance of where they could be.

For now I’ll just have to keep in mind that the next time I lose my cell phone I should look in my boot first. The right one, to be specific.

Your space.

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