Day After Christmas

I haven’t had a quiet moment in days – this whole of christmas week. Somehow quiet moments don’t come naturally in between sore-fingered crochet stitches hurrying to finish, shopping, cooking, and episodes of 24 to fill the silent between husband and wife as work is done and holidays made. The week before christmas was busy. But now, the day after,there is a pause between reality and the happenness of the weekend.

A pause that seems to say take time to soak, remember, cherish and be still before you start again.

Our christmas was lovely.

Spending our first christmas together at all and as married people was quite special. We both agreed it was the best christmas ever.

Thankful thoughts and highlights

  1. Celebrating with just us
  2. Coming home together after family gatherings and realizing we are our own little family and being together is most important.
  3. Grandparents and parents sharing love and thankfulness for us and with us.
  4. Holding a baby cousin and realizing that will be our baby in three months.
  5. The overwhelming thought of being responsible for such and tiny blessing, but knowing at the same time that God has made us fully capable and all is on his schedule
  6. First holiday with my family in a year (easter was in chile, thanksgiving with my inlaws)
  7. It has been nice. The weather I mean. No snow. Not insanely cold, but still obviously winter.
  8. My husband and I are spoiled rotten with thoughtful gifts and family, and completely blessed with work. Various items we’ve been needing have appeared and we  will have enough to cover the birthing center fees on time. Very good. We are completely blessed.
  9. My little sister loved the skirt I crocheted and myaunt the bag. (i’ll have to share picture of all my christmas crafting later when I have computer access – the ipad doesn’t quite work that way for me)
  10. We took a chrstmas picture and hopefully we can send out cards for new years!
  11. There are 60 days til the little boy’s due date. It will be so nice to have the birth over and done with. I’m somewhat anxious about that.
  12. God is so faithful.
  13. The cold I seem to be getting held off until today
  14. God fills my head with thoughts that surprise and challenge me. To be still, to trust, to move, to love and to wait all at the same time.

Two ideas I have for the new year come from pinterest (as did much of my christmas crafting). These are ways to mark the days more thoughtfully with thankfulness and memories. I’m looking forward to this coming year with new events and goals.

The first idea is a daily calender. It begins blank but each day you add a moment or an event that happened and as the years progress you can look back and see what was going on that day however many years ago.

The other is 365 days of blessings. There’s a page for each day.

I’ll share pictures of all my projects at some point. Israel has been using the desktop and his laptop for work and crazy deadlines so my internet has been iPad only.

Happy day after christmas! Think about God’s blessings, His Son, His love and take a moment to breath it all in before normality sets in.

Your space.

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