A Tale of Two – bump in the road

At this rate I might be old and gray by the time this story is told. I must try to remedy that little problem.

The first piece of the tale


Our plans progressed, our families bought plane tickets and began making plans for meals, rides, diversions, etc. And as the days passed by the finer details began to need to be worked out.

We chose a photographer. My husband’s brother is amazingly talented and to Israel it was very important that we have amazing pictures.

I asked my host mom how the wedding business worked in chile and did some researching about how it could be done for two foreigners. She said that weddings were never had outdoors and they always happened in someone’s home or at a church. I was slightly disappointed but since we could go around later to take pictures thought it would be fine.

My research led me to the registro civil ( civil registry) website where I deciphered rules and regulations in spanish. For two foreigners to get married legally in chile, both needed to have their chilean ID cards (cedulas) and the could take a couple days or a few weeks. Since Israel was arriving on a saturday and we were hoping to be married that day that did not sound like a good option nor a possibility since israel did not have a chilean ID card (and they take weeks to obtan).

Our second idea was to have rhe religious ceremony in chile ( since that meant the most to us) and then have the legal ceremony when I got back the next month. This seemed doable and like a good plan since my host mom and the registro civil’s website said that the legal ceremony could take place before or after the religious one. I decided to ask the pastor of the church I was attending. He only spoke spanish, but thought somene would interpret for us. I told him what we wanted to do and he said that he needed to check with the other pastors at the church sicne they had never done this sort of thing before. He got back to me 3 weeks later (which meant at this point the wedding was 3 weeks away) and said that they could not do the religious ceremony without thte legal portion unless the legal portion were to happen first.

This meant the wedding was three weeks away and we had no one to marry us. Thoughts were tossed around about having my dad or grandpa do it. But as they probably would not have been willing a different idea was needed. I believe that idea made it’s appearance 2 and a half weeks before the wedding and solved the problem quite effectively.

Part 5

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