The beginnings of Christmas

This is the point at which I wish the next two weeks could be skipped and I could move on to Christmas for real.

I have a week and a half of classes left. 3 presentations. 1 paper. 4 tests.

I would rather be adding to my decorations, finding and wrapping presents and figuring out how to celebrate well.

But school is important. and I shall finish it.

Our little tree is sitting on the desk. We had just enough ornaments from my collection to decorate the part that shows. I added some ribbons and now it is lovely and magical :)

This year we get to use the ceramic manger scene that my sister and I have shared since we were little. Along with the lights and a couple well-place ornaments, our mantle looks quite nice.

I’m working on some crocheted stockings that I’ll hopefully be able to add to our little collection of christmas soon.

It is very fun to build a new christmas with the person I love. I’m already looking forward to next year when we will have a little one to enjoy it with us.

oh yes, but homework calls.

Happy 4th of December all!

8 more days of school, 20 days til christmas, 82 days til our little one is bound to be born!

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