Bucket List — evaluated

A bucket list update seems like an appropriate activity for new year contemplation. Especially after a year so epic.

Things completed or solidly begun in 2011:

#2: Master a second language. Chile: Spanish. Yes.
#4: Rainforest. Not necessarily tropical. But still epic and wet. Chile
#8: Marry. 3/18/2011.
#9: Baby. Begun.
#11: Visit South America. Only Chile. But that still counts.
#16: Study Abroad. Spring 2011. Epic.
#22: Hear God’s voice. My God is amazing.
#23: God is amazing. ”As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” Proverbs 27:19
#25: Fall madly in love. done. and grow old with that one. begun.
#36: Learn Spanish.
#48: Learn to pray better.

Original – Written 8/07/2010

  1. translate the new testament from greek to english or another language
  2. master a 2nd(4/11) and 3rd language
  3. hike up a volcano
  4. visit a rainforest (spring 11)
  5. go somewhere tropical
  6. visit somewhere epically snowy
  7. graduate from college
  8. marry(3/11)
  9. have a baby or a few or more (Begun.)
  10. go to ethiopia
  11. visit south america(1/11-4/11), italy, greece, india, norway or sweden, belgium or germany, new york
  12. tour the south
  13. Go to Hillsong church in Australia
  14. Go on a cruise
  15. participate in a mission trip
  16. study abroad(spring 11)
  17. visit asia
  18. be fluent in writing in a different script
  19. write a book of some sort
  20. learn to cook well (I’m beginning it! 2011)
  21. memorize scripture like a crazy thing
  22. hear the voice of God clearly (2011)
  23. help someone in a way that could only be explained or attributed to God.(spring/summer 2011) God is amazing.
  24. do something radical
  25. fall madly in love and grow old with that one (began March 18,2011)
  26. read books in other languages
  27. go to a camp or a conference that emphasizes God in a powerful way
  28. Run 3 miles in 21 minutes or less
  29. Run 10 miles consecutively
  30. Run a mile in 6 minutes
  31. Swim a mile
  32. host an exchange student
  33. become an expert in some area
  34. stay fit
  35. visit inda, russia, ireland, england, mexico, hawaii, alaska
  36. learn russian, spanish (2011), greek, italian, amharic, hebrew, french
  37. Bible school? or Wycliffe? or grad school?
  38. Take decent and cool pictures
  39. hike a huge mountain
  40. stand in the middle of an empty plain where all that is visible is the horizon
  41. drive across the country (or ride)
  42. spend a romantic weekend in a tent on a huge mountain
  43. take a class in whatever interests me  just for fun every now and then after I graduate
  44. go to the middle of the ocean
  45. surrender to God (continual process)
  46. know that I’m entirely in His will and living the plan that he has for me
  47. immerse myself in God’s word
  48. Learn to pray better (2011)
  49. be a woman of prayer
  50. leave a legacy like my great-grandmother’s
    (Additions 12-30-2011)
  51. Grow a garden.
  52. Raise some children
  53. Adopt sons and daughters from the ends of the earth (or somewhere)
  54. Be a Proverbs 31 wife.
  55. Become a certified Spanish medical interpreter
  56. Build a house. Create a home.
  57. homeschool my kids
  58. reach the broken
  59. Run consistently (My husband’s version of consistent, not mine.lol)
  60. Partner with God in something Big.

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