The Not Resolutions. 2012

Call this a vision/goal setting moment in time. This first of January. We’re not calling them resolutions. This is where I write what I’d like to do and see happen. It’s useful for looking back on in years to come or throughout the year to see how I’m doing.

This year:


  • Run a 10k and a couple 5k races
  • Get faster
  • Run consistently (maybe 400 miles over the course of the year?)
  • Swim more
  • Get some abs (not to mention other muscles)


  • Graduate
  • Study and get certified in medical interpretation
  • Work on learning amharic
  • Continue working with greek


  • Have a baby
  • Play with baby and raise him well
  • Love husband and baby
  • Take care of my family
  • Get a move on this house endeavor
  • Be on time more often
  • Spend time as a family


  • Memorize a bible passage a month
  • Hang out with friends with babies
  • Get time in God’s word and prayer daily
  • Think critically about beliefs and wisdom
  • Organize a problem/messy area once a week
  • Create an atmosphere of love and inspiration and reminders of God in our house.


  • Learn to take good pictures and learn to assist Israel well with photography
  • Write something i like every two weeks
  • Cook well. New recipe a week?
  • Read good or informative books
  • Crochet a blanket

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