being dreadfully honest.

Our first birthing class is tonight. It is sure to be only the first of many firsts this year as we make our way into the realm of parenthood through this pregnancy.
I’m hoping that this class will not be dumb. That we will leave having learned something useful and that my husband won’t mind going back 6 more times as we prepare to get this baby out. I’m hoping that it will relieve some of my fears and inform us of what to do for pain management and how the labor generally goes. Hopefully we will be able to make some new friends and grow just a little closer to each other as we take this class together. Hopefully it will give me confidence as we approach our baby’s due date and it will counteract all the misplaced “good luck” words from friends (which seem to have the undertone of “I would not want to be you”..but ah well.).

We shall see. I’m hoping for good things from this.

I’m looking forward to the labor being over and the baby being out. But at the same time I know I’ll miss having him with me all the time. I’m looking forward to sharing him with others and holding him myself. It will be quite lovely.
I’m looking forward to not dreading labor. haha. If that would happen before the labor that would be good.

I read a pregnancy book that my mom loaned to me. in one day. I felt a little better immediately after that.

Before the random fears set in again.

I’m not convinced these fears are well placed. This modern american concept of birth has placed such negativity and fear alongside birth in its natural form that considering a natural birth is generally scary. Today is a day in which even with drugs women only recall bad things about their experiences with birth and labor. The general attitude toward birth is “oh it’s the most painful thing ever” and women always look down on men for having not experienced it or for complaining about whatever pain they may have experienced. I disagree with this devaluing of other people’s pain and focusing on your own. I’m hoping for an experience where the pain isn’t the biggest factor and I don’t go around discouraging the younger generation or any of my peers by relating my experience in a negative way. I’ve always appreciated how my mom says “it’s worth it” about every experience with every child. I think that girls and women would be more inclined to have babies and seek a birth that suits their needs if more women related their stories positively. Without the “oh, I almost died” stories. We’ll see how my thinking changes after my experience, but I believe that the modern view on birth/pregnancy as a medical issue (where intervention and treatment is always necessary for success) and not as a normal life event is detrimental to society.

all that being said, I’m still anxious and somewhat blaming it on culture, but I should be fine. :) We’ll get a baby out of the deal however it goes down. So I’ll be happy.
I’m hoping for good things with this birth class and that it will teach my husband and me how to work as a team in this for the best possible results and that the information given will subdue worries.

It’s once a week for 7 weeks. Each class is 2 and 3/4 hours and it is highly recommended.

Here’s for hoping!

52 days til the due date of baby shirk :)

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