A Tale of Two – legality and another flight

Beginning of the story

Two and a half weeks before the day we had planned for our wedding (March 26th) we found a plan that would solve the issues of paperwork. The only problem was it would include another plane ticket to the other side of the world and a bit more money.

My spring break was due to start the end of that week. It was all planned out. I was traveling with the rest of my program to the southern part of chile for five days. We were going to see Chiloe Island, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Osorno Volcano. I did not want to miss it.

The only thing was if we could not get married the day we wanted to all of our family would have come for no reason and the goal of being married would not be reached. We had to think of something else.

Luckily my spring break was 10 days long and I only had plans for five of it. My mom had suggested a few weeks ago that I just fly home and we could get married in boise. At that time there had been a possibility of doing the deed completely in Chile so we threw the other out the door. But now we didn’t have too much of a choice. Israel brought up that plan again and I said if he could find me a ticket for less than a certain amount of money and for the time of my spring break that I was free I would go. By that point we were fairly desperate just to see each other and to have the whole thing figured out. I’m not sure what I would have done had he not been able to find a ticket within my parameters. I would have gone anyways, I’m sure. But luckily. I didn’t have to make that decision. God provided a plane ticket for the same amount as the plane tickets we had bought before, months in advance. And it was for after my trip to the south and only had me missing 1 day of school after break was over. Amazing.

So we bought that ticket and I made plans to leave the country for 6 days and home for about 3 and a half of those.

Before this I had talked with the pastor at the church I was going to and it seemed that he would be able to perform the ceremony if we had our legal bits completed first. So we bought the ticket on faith and made plans for a tiny wedding the afternoon I got back to Boise: Thursday, March 17th, 2011.

Having all this figured out was such a blessing. We were able to take a breath. Though I would be traveling five times as much as I thought I would that week, I knew it was the right thing to do.

As soon as I got back from my field trip to the south I had my host mom call the pastor at my church and check to make sure that we could do this thing. She called and he could. So the plan was on.

Part 6

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