I’ve been blessed by this birthing class we are taking. Every class feels like a breath of fresh air and a chance to breathe deeply thoughtfully.

It gives a moment each week where the overwhelming thought of birth is put into perspective and taught in ways that cause us to know just how wonderfully made our bodies are.

It gives a moment of focus for me. A moment to focus how I can do this and the ‘we’ of the process that is very important. It gives me a moment to rest in the arms of the one I love, the father of our little boy, and to know that we are together.

It gives us a moment to look in each others eyes, laugh (and maybe tease), but also to know we are a team. Connection.

I am blessed in knowing that I am and will be completely supported by the man I love, we have knowledge about the creation of our Wondeful Creator who does all things well and created the process of birth and everything involved.

I feel just a little less anxious each week we go. We have 3 more classes. It is good.

Your space.

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