The to-dos and the dones

I’m guessing that most expectant moms go through a stage of doing things, tons of things, in preparation for their little ones. I’ve heard it called nesting. Mine consists of organizing spaces, decorating walls, taking pictures of what I need to do and have done, and doing things I may or may not have time for after the baby comes.

The dones

I have also succeeded in decorating my kitchen walls  which is inspiring me to do more :) and repotted a couple plants that were struggling against the forces of old dirt, small pots and overwatering. Hopefully they will recover quickly.

The to-do’s

Pictures will come once the ‘before’ state is morphed and there is actually a happy ‘after’ picture to post with it :)

  • Laundry room – hopefully organize so that there is A) space to walk to the washer without ducking or jumping and B) space for a dryer so that the cloth diapers my mom is making will actually be dry when we need to use them again.
  • Crib ( I’m making myself wait to set up the pack and play next to our bed until 37 weeks. I have one week left to wait!)
  • Shelves ( current state = decent disaster)
  • Finish blogging our wedding story before our one year anniversary in two months and our boy comes in one month.
  • Practice better posture to get baby turned around from his posterior ( back to my back) position and go anterior ( back to my front)
  • Read breastfeeding book (on loan from my mom), the baby book (recommended by our birth class instructor) and  the attachment parenting book (also on loan from my mom).
  • 3 more birth classes
  • 5 more prenatal visits
  • Shop for cloth for a carrier
  • Label frozen food in freezer so if people feel like warming things up the identity of the item won’t be a mystery.especially since my brain will be elsewhere when our little boy comes.
  • Take down christmas decorations. At least somewhat.  We have so few it’s not a huge issue.
  • Get ahead in school work..we shall see.
  • Get yarn and start a blanket
  • Get a baby doctore figured out since the birthing center can’t provide everything forever.
  • Evaluate what we need as far as clothes and essentials
  • Pick up stroller and carseat from my family
  • Mail thank you’s and new year’s cards.

That should keep me busy for the next month or so :)

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