A Tale of Two – March 26th, 2011 Morning Preparations

Beginning of the story

That friday night I slept on the couch in my parents’ hotel room. It was closer to the metro for a quicker trip to the airport/ I had gathered up all of the clothes and things I needed for the next couple days and brought it with me from my host mom’s house.

The day began at about 7:15. I asked my dad to walk me to the metro stop that morning since I was unfamiliar with that part of town and wasn’t sure what would be going on at that early hour. The 3 block walk proved uneventful though it was nice to have my dad along.  I took the metro to the airport busstop and then the bus to the airport. I was ready to see my husband (since he was my husband of 1 week already at that point).

I wasn’t overly early that time since I had figured out the US to Chile time conflict the day before (daylight savings confuses everyone). I only had to wait about 20 minutes before people started pouring out of the gates. When I was meeting my family the the gates the day before I had figure out there was a screen where it was possible to watch and see which exit people were going to come out of. I watched that and ran to meet up with Israel as he walked at. It was somewhat surreal to see him in Chile like that. I was used to him being in Idaho and me being in Chile and to have us in the same place after being apart was somewhat strange. We made sure to keep an eye on his baggage while we quite calmly greeted each other (surprising in that situation, but with the taxi drivers, the jet lag and the completely new situation it was all we could do).

Israel had lined up to have a rental car in Santiago those first couple days. We picked up the car, he signed for it, and we were let loose on the streets of santiago. And people drive different there; one might even call it crazy. But even with the minimal amount of sleep that Israel had he jumped into the drivers seat, I hoped I would be able to remember how to get back to the hotel (the airport in santiago is a little ways outside of town), but I had payed attention the last couple of days so I almost got us there. I think we drove around to the other end of town before we actually got to the hotel, but it wasn’t really that we were lost, just not quite in the right place.

We made it to the hotel and found a parking garage nearby. We pulled Israel’s luggage to the hotel and dropped it off in David’s room.

There was talk of what to do that morning before the wedding (I think that was scheduled for 2:30?). Israel needed to take a nap. My mom and I had planned on going to the market and getting flowers and things beforehand and everyone else also wanted to go. I talked with Israel and decided that I really did not want to leave him at that point and decided to leave the flowers in the hands of my mother and grandma. It worked out beautifully. Last second I also thought they might be able to look for a cake of some sort. So they went off on their mission, cameras, maps and directions in hand and I went and spent some pre-second-wedding-time with my already-husband.

Hotels in Chile are an interesting thing. The hotel itself tends to be nice, but the service is a little more interesting than it needs to be. The locks in that particular hotel were strange because you had to have the key to lock them from the inside  (and also to unlock them). So we pulled a suitcase in front of the door, jammed a shoe under it and decided it should deter enough people from entering, but somehow (maybe it occurred while Israel was napping and I was showering?) a maid pushed past our barrier, decided we had forgotten to lock the door, locked it and left. We both ended up locked in to the hotel room. Quite an embarrassing and slightly strange situation really, but one for the records I’d say. We called David on my cell (I was very glad I had opted to get them cells), found out he was close, and he came and let us out. It was a/de-musing. Also with the locks in that hotel: my grandparents left their key in their room accidentally and got locked out of their room.  They ended up having to call a locksmith because the person with the keys was not there. The hotel building was not only one hotel, it was mostly an apartment building and the hotel owned and was in charge of certain rooms, so the people at the front desk were not able to help with almost any issue that came up. It was very foreign and strange.

Anyways, after being released from the room, I went to see what everyone else had managed to accomplish since they got back very soon after. The had successfully found the flower market and a panaderia (bakery). They found the perfect flowers. My favorite are daylilies, a lovely orange lily, and they found orange lilies, some baby’s breath for the edges and orange roses for family to wear. It was perfect :) My mom made corsages, my bouquet and boutonnieres.

They also found a lovely white cake at the bakery. Which would have been perfect all on it’s own, but they wanted a wedding cake. So between gestures and who knows what other means of communication they got the baker to find a smaller white cake. They came home with two cakes, one large and one small. The cakes, in a very chilean fashion, had canned fruit as decoration, so my dad who had gotten cake duty de-fruited the cakes, stacked them and decorated the whole thing with rose petals. Four hands were necessary to transfer the little cake safely. David put down his camera and they picked that little cake up in their hands and placed it on top of the bigger one. The rose petals worked wonders covering up the fingerprints and the frosting where the fruit had been removed. It turned out very pretty and pleased me immensely.

All the little details were being taken care of. My mom and oma did my hair, everyone got spiffed up, David took pictures and the wedding was ready.

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The ceremony

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