After baby, still in school

These first two weeks of school have been decidedly quiet, lacking in homework and uneventful on the academic front. This is surprising to me in light of the last three and half years of my education. You’d think that the last semester of school would be the most difficult in academic terms, but that is just not how it is so far and I am grateful for it. It may get busier later on but so far so good. This seems like a good semester to have a baby. Then, I’m sure, everything will feel like too much.

A brief workload comparison:

Last spring: 60ish pages of writing in Spanish, 8 tests, 2 or 3 presentations, 12 credits

Last fall: 18 tests, 4 or 5 presentations, 3 papers, 16 credits

This spring: 3 tests, 4 presentations, 5 papers, 12 credits.

The numbers make me extremely hopeful about the coming semester and fitting a baby into the works. We’ll see how it goes, but this is what we’re planning on.

Points in our favor:

  • Our little guy is set to come in about a month. The third week in February, though due to a tendency of lateness in my family I’m attempting to psyche myself for March. (We’ll see how well I can do that!) Those few weeks a fairly uneventful as far as assignments go. There is a good amount of reading, but other than that not too much going on.
  • When the baby comes I am planning on taking a two week-ish break from school as needed. I have talked with all my professors about it and they are being extremely gracious. They have said just to let them know what is going on and they’ll work with me on it. So I’ll try to keep up with the reading from home, borrow someone’s notes, and try to at least start my papers before he comes.
  • My husband has a programming job at the moment that he can do from just about any location and they have also agreed to give him some time off for the baby. (It seems like I’ve heard mention of 6 weeks off?) And he sets his own schedule for his photography business. So that will be extremely helpful. He will be able to be at home with the baby and me the first two weeks and take care of him while I am in class after that. We expect this to work out fairly well. Hopefully we’ll both be able to accomplish what we need to if we just work together.
  • Also, my mother (and various others) have offered to take care of the baby if necessary and would really lovelovelove to help at any given moment. So that will be nice if we just feel overwhelmed or both of us need to do something.
  • The ladies at my home church have offered to bring us meals. So that will free up my time a bunch and we will be able to eat well. Eating well is good for eliminating stress.
  • All but one of my professors this semester have specifically said that I can bring the baby to class.
  • One of my classes has one session a week that will be completely recorded and I have been given permission to skip that day if I need to.
  • I only have two classes each day except for friday (and thursday if necessary) when I only have one. My earliest class is at 10:40 two days a week and all the others my first class is at 12:40.
  • My class schedule allows me to come home between classes. I have an hour and a half between each class and it takes me 10-12 minutes to get from my classroom to my front door. This should be ideal for breastfeeding. We’ll see how he cooperates :)

Hopefully that answers any questions people might have about how we’re going to do this thing. Basically it comes down to the blessings of a good schedule, good professors, good job, and wonderful friends, family, and husband :)

I’ll keep you posted as to the eficacy of this little plan! We shall see! 24 days!

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