It’s the month!

Baby boy has reached a point where I suddenly feel like he needs to be out in the world and a separate little person. It’s very strange how suddenly it set in, but just by how he’s moving and how he feels in my body, he seems ready.
It’s about time :)
The 37 week milestone was today. At this point if I went into labor we could go to the birthing center under the direction of the lovely midwives. It is a good thing.

We set up the crib on monday. That same evening my husband asked me if I thought the baby would jump out of me and into the crib if I stared at it long enough. I suppose I must have been daydreaming and staring a little :)

I can’t wait to meet him. That is the most exciting part. Though I will miss having his little wiggles a very constant part of my life, it will be most wonderful to have him outside and to get to know his little people self.

I am looking forward to:

  • Meeting him
  • Having the birth over and done with and knowing I could do it again
  • Running
  • Having a waist again
  • Not having constant aches and pains
  • Being able to sleep on my stomach and back!! Which will lead to sleeping a little more comfortably even if somewhat/very interrupted
  • Having a baby outside of me :)
  • Normal clothes!
  • Hugging my husband without a bump in the middle
  • Not running my stomach into things
  • Being able to stand up, sit down, and roll over without huge amounts of effort…

Yup…. That’s a long list. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed being pregnant for the most part and I lovelove what is coming from it, but nine months is long enough.

It’s the month he should be making his appearance and I’m excited :)

21 days til his due date!!!!