One track mind.

Ok. Yup. That about says it all :)

I’m off to my 38 week prenatal appointment. Excitement.

Today I completed half of my job leading the language documentation project we’re doing in my linguistics senior seminar class. The other half will be done on tuesday. And as interesting as that class is (really, it is awesome!) I am still seeing it as only a stepping stone to the point where if I had the baby it would not interfere with things I have to do.

Besides tuesday, i have a quiz monday, and a small test on thursday that would be good to get through before going into labor, having the baby and taking a couple weeks off. That would be most convenient, but honestly I’d be fine with him coming anytime and school can just play second fiddle for a while.

We shall see how it goes. It’s defintely feeling like the day is getting closer. Baby’s position has changed somewhat, My aches and pains are getting a little different and I’ve gained a couple new ones that are definitely making me think the time is near. Hooray! :)

Israel and I went out to eat last night. It was quite fun. We sat at our table and talked abiut our cats (which are completley adorable and have funny habits, in case you were wondering). I can’t help wondering how that will change once our little man makes his appearance. I’m guessing there will be fewer spur of the moment theater excursions and restuarants might lose a little business, but we’ll have to make sure that we still get relaxed ‘us’ time where we are at least focused n each other, in or out of the house.

It is very exciting!

Your space.

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