Tummy pix


My sister and I a couple weeks ago. She about 5 and a half months in this picture and I am about 37 weeks.


38 weeks and 3 days


I decided I really must tell it like it is. Stretch marks and all. I’m thinking that in future pregnancies I might appreciate pictures of how the first one was for comparison’s sake.

9 days til the due date!

3 thoughts on “Tummy pix

  1. …and the sister and family :) The first pic makes me wish Sarah and I might be preggos at the same time in the future! (She’ll gag if she ever reads that comment)


  2. That is very cool you and your sister get to share the experience together! You can show your baby that picture with the stretch marks later when he/she is older and say, “See! This is how much I love you!” :)


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