Cutting the caffiene

Monday before last I decided to see how I did without caffiene. I was in the habit of a spoonful of my husband’s instant coffee mixed into my hot chocolate. Yumm. :)

I originally did it to see if it would help the swelling in my hands to go away, but that seems to be an unrelated and almost inevitable part of pregnancy. (hopefully when all is said and done I’ll be able to wear my wedding ring again!)

However, caffiene avoidance has allowed me to sleep somewhat better at night (at first it made a big difference, but I’m still waking up every two or three hours as the bathroom has learned to call my name rather loudly these days).

Also baby is less of a crazy wiggle, so I think that is a good thing. I hadn’t realized how much caffiene effected him.

But one of the best things is that my husband noticed a difference in my behavior that he approves of. I think that will be the most motivating factor for me in keeping on with it.

He said that I was actually getting a lot of things done instead of knowing there was a lot to do and just stressing ovr it. I would have to agree with that. I’m a bit more focused and a little less flighty in my goals.

He also noticed that I was less apt to talk his ear off when he got home from work (tired and in need of silence). I think that could be relatd to me having a quieter brain during the day that allows me to think through things I might otherwise chatter nonsensically about. Also I am more able to realize his need for peace.

So far this expiriment seems like a good thing. Of course I’ll have a couple sips of some caffeinated beverage ( at the movie theater for example) but i’ll limit it to that since in the long run I feel better without it.

We shall see :)

Happy Friday!

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