ALL the things!

Happy President’s Day!

Although I question it’s status as a legitimate holiday I am quite appreciating its existence this year. My chance to complete everything possible before our little guy has been built right into the school calender! How convenient!

So today is the day for All the things!

(If you’re curious as to the history of said phrase prepare yourself to laugh well and read this)

Now is my chance to:

  • Clean all the things (bathroom, bedroom, floors, and clothes)
  • Bake all the food (granola, protein bites, and cookies sound yummy for freezing and eating later)
  • Start all the crafts ( mind you, it just says start not finish..hah :) experiment with video/picture editing, figure out my new sewing machine, make some springy decorations)
  • Do all the homework ( read, start writing papers, focus and work ahead)
  • Read all the books (nursing books, baby books, parenting books, bible books, more parenting books.)

And anything else I may need to do. :) which may or may not end as the above linked cartoon did. We shall see :)

The first “due date” was yesterday. That one was the ultrasound’s best guess. Our next due date is friday! Here’s to hoping I won’t go really late as do the majority of the women in my family.

I can’t wait. My husband and I are both looking forward to a baby outside of the mama and our breaks from school and work! Of course the baby will fill those times quite easily but it will be nice to have a break from our busyness of doing All the things.


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