In my attempts to stay active in college and thanks to my own natural active tendencies, I have almost completely avoided the use of elevators in my college career.  I’d take the elevator if I needed to go to a floor above the 4th, but hardly ever at any other time. And in a city where buildings taller than 10 floors may or may not exist, this effort is not a difficult one.

This last year however, for obvious reasons, I’ve succombed to the ease of the elevator.

I use the contraption almost every day.

Usually if I am going higher than the second floor, but today i gave in to my worn out body. To the elevator i went. Pressed the button for the second floor (oh for shame!) and watched as people pressed in with their oh so lofty thoughts and goals of the 3rd and 4th floors.

I insisted on drowning the wave of guilt that washed over me as I rode to my lowly second level.

I pushed (excused) my way through the lofty building risers as I exited and decided that no one begrudged me that extra stop on their climb to glory.

And in my state of obvious more-than-one-ness my guilt was assuaged.

The effort saved should be enough to get me through.

39 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Take your energy while you can.

3 thoughts on “Elevator

  1. Oh, goodness. No shame there, sister!! I’m sure that not a soul in that elevator was looking at you and thinking you needed to take the stairs. And if they were, well, fuffle on them, ’cause they’re clueless. :p Good job being strong for so long but also good job knowing your limits. You’re doing great and that boy is almost here! Hooray!


      1. I do the same thing! I’ve always taken stairs, parked further back, etc. I feel guilt over taking the elevator, using a rolling bag (I have a bunch of labs that retire me to bring my textbooks), etc.

        The stupid one I feel guilty about? Asking employees to grab dog food bags and load them in my car.


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