1. I love hot showers probably a little too much.
  2. The day before your due date seems to be the day random people ask when you’re going to get induced. Huh. Not part of my plan, lol. He still has the option of two more weeks in there after all.
  3. I cleaned ALL the floors, clothes, dishes, bedroom and kitchen. And made all the yummy food. Still thinking about making chocolate chip cookies…yum :)
  4. I posted what I accomplished on facebook and there are a few people claiming that I’m “nesting” and that it usually occurs within 48 hours of labor starting! (that would be lovely!!)
  5. Old news 1:  I can’t can’t wait to meet this baby and be a outside of the womb mom the rest of my life!
  6. Old news 2: I cant wait to run again and I’m thinking of planning my trek (training plan) back to normal running but am also thinking I should wait to see how I feel. My running shoes are calling my name. As is this lovely weather.
  7. Old news 3: I’m looking forward to dropping this weight. Starting with an 8lb-ish baby and continuing gradually back to my normal weight. I’m glad that breastfeeding facilitates that process rather naturally :)
  8. Therehave been a few changes in my normal pregnant living that make me think the time is getting near:
      • I’ve been having braxton hicks contractions for the last week
      • My husband says I’m carb loading instead of my usual protein fetish
      • I’ve actually been getting cold instead of my normal constant overheatedness
      • I’ve begun to waddle and reaching my toes is difficult
      • The child feels baby-sized and sturdy through my poor stretched skin
      • I’ve had slight digestive differences.
      • I’ve been needing to drink more than usual
      • I wake up every two hours at night. Yup. Ready for this baby.
      • Stretching ligaments and other things have grown increasingly uncomfortable which is apparently proof of something in the positive direction
      • And I’ve gained my obligatory/prescribed 35 pounds and should therefore be done (however my midwife told me it was up to the baby when I mentioned this idea to her…haha. I suppose it is)

I have no idea how much of this has any bearing on a soon delivery, but I am recording it for posterity just in case it does. :)

And that is the end of my random listing :)


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