40 +3

The ante has been upped.

We are past due.

The stops are being pulled out and things to hurry this little one along have begun.

Our birthing center is only allowed to deliver babies between 37 and 42 weeks so every effort will be made for labor to begin before then.

At my prenatal appointment today they encouraged me to do everything possible this week because next week they will start.

And since I don’t really want to drink castor oil or have them break my water…that’s how it shall be. :)

Today in efforts to help things along I drank more raspberry leaf tea, started taking evening primrose capsules, took the stairs in the library, and went on an hour and a half walk in the foothills with my husband.

I only wish chocolate had labor inducing properties…oh well, I’ll just excuse that little thing some other way.

Other than that, my school assignments keep building up and I should really stop using the fact that the child is coming soon as a reason to procrastinate. Since it could be that I’m actually still pregnant and coming to class when I have to turn it in…Ah well. A school-break-like thing will come soon enough :)

Here’s to hoping these natural things will speed things up and the baby will come soon!

A picture at 40 weeks and 2 days. We turned our tiny living room into a studio for an hour or two yesterday. It was quite fun :)


6 thoughts on “40 +3

  1. I came to check in when I noticed you hadn’t downloaded the chart for the homework from Blackboard. I’m not worried about you procrastinating too much… I hope the baby comes soon (and not while you’re in class)!



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