March 8th, 2012

I’m taking this moment while I can. I have two hands at the moment since my husband is snuggling our precious baby ..that’s right! He’s here :) :)

He arrived in the second minute of March 8th.

12:02 AM March 8th.

He weighed 9 lbs and 4 oz and he is 21 and a half inches long. (This makes me so glad that we don’t know hoow big our babies are before we push them out.)

I am going to make you biased to begin with and say he is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Once you see you’ll agree :)

I might tell you more of the story later, but brief medical type overview:

Monday : 41 weeks 3 days

Cervical check:  50% effaced, 2 cm dilated, baby at -1 station.

Action taken to hopefully naturally start labor: membrane strip

Action? none

Tuesday : 41 weeks 4 days

Cervical check before action taken: 50-75 % effaced, 2-3 cm dilated, baby at -1 station

Action taken: blue and black cohosh tincture, membrane strip and then walk 1 hour. x3

Last check after most action: 75 % effaced, 3+ cm dilated, baby at 0 station

Action? Yes! Contractions started while walking and kept going lightly all afternoon, gained power in the evening, became regular at the movie theater (The Vow = good baby evicting hormones) and woke me up at night til I couldn’t sleep because of them. Active labor set in around noon? I head was not necessarily in a time telling zone..haha.

Got checked, 100% effaced, 4+ cm dilated.

We went to the birth center at 1:30, around 6:30 they checked and I had reached a 6 with baby at + 1 station (he may have been there the last check..i’ll have to check)

They broke my water at that time.

Reached complete (10cm and 100% effaced) and started pushing at 9:30 ( time flew at that point).

Zechariah Ranger came at 12:02 AM.

Pictures coming tomorrow!

Your space.

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