1st Anniversary!

Yesterday was our first anniversary.

I’ve never actually seen the point in anniversaries until yesterday.

I knew that somehow they were supposed to be special and you were supposed to make them special, but I never really understood.

Until yesterday.

I realized how nice it really is to have a day to revel in the love you share, revel in a choice well made and the faithfulness of God in bringing about and blessing that decision. Spending a day remembering, even if it is only in your own head (and of course husbands can be blessed with random comments from their lovely romantical wives) is good for your romance. It is like reading a good romantic novel that actually happens to be your life instead of living vicariously. Ok, yes, I’m still a newlywed probably, but I think the feeling will stick around for a while.

Our anniversary was probably out of the ordinary for most, but this year it is what worked for us. :)

Even though we were both dreadfully tired yesterday we tried to make it special.

we slept til noon.

Israel ran 11 miles in the rain.

Nap time was priority.

After nap time we ventured out of the house, called ahead to Carino’s and ordered our favorites to take home with us: Eggplant Parmagiana and Italian Chili for Israel, Spicy Romano Chicken and a caeser salad for me, and of course their lovely bread that comes along with each entree.

We stopped at best buy for an ink cartridge on the way to the restuarant. Ranger and I waited in the car and I successfully conquered the changing-a-diaper-in-the-car-in-your-lap thing for the first time without getting anything nasty in the process. Yes, you needed to know that. It’s apparently part of my life now :)

On the way home from the restuarant we stopped at McDonald’s because I decided I needed Sprite, and we rented Hugo from Redbox.

At one point I asked Israel if he would have guessed we’d have a 10 day old baby by our first anniversary. He responded that Jesus did.  Definitely true and lovely and awesome to know that God planned this little guy. Gives me that much more confidence in our ability to handle life as it comes since God is the one that dishes it out and He is also the one that supports us unequivocally through it all.

We ate our dinner on our lovely tiny table at our couch. I alternated feeding myself and feeding the babe. Israel declared it our most romantic anniversary yet. :) I’d have to agree.

Israel cleaned the kitchen (love him), I put Ranger to sleep, and in anticipation of our early morning doctor’s appointment (6:45 wakeup call, blah), we tucked ourselves in bed to watch Hugo. Ranger was cooperative and slept in the crib almost the entire movie.

Then it was time for babe’s first bath. We decided he was slightly smelly and late or not it had to happen. (I had wiped him down a couple times before, but this was the first actual water experience). Once we figured out how to hold him he liked it really well. He’s such a happy child :)

We then had a midnight snack of banana bread and milk (I just love all these people who are bringing us food!) and put in our falling asleep movie (The Tourist).

I’m sure some of our coming anniversaries will be “more romantic” in the traditional sense, but this one was lovely and special. We had our baby, had each other, ate good food, sat next to each other and yawned, remembered our choice of each other and felt blessed by it even though we slept through most of it.

Last year’s day 

3 thoughts on “1st Anniversary!

  1. Aw, that sounds like a lovely anniversary! :) Had to laugh at the baby being “slightly smelly”. I’m sure he smells much nicer now.
    I seriously had it in my head about 4 days ago that the 18th was your anniversary, but yesterday I’m not sure it even crossed my mind that it was the 18th… o.O So, Happy (late) Anniversary to you!


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