Mother vs. School

6 weeks.

That is all I have to get through.

After that school and homework will be a thing of the last 17 years of my life and no more.

But until then…

I may have to find a way to complete homework in a timely manner.

Researching, reading, and writing papers feels so much less important than making sure my little guy is fed and clean and happy.

I may have to go to class and leave my little one for a couple hours at a time a couple times each day.

Watching someone walk away with your child is the strangest feeling and brings some unexpected stress to the brain of the newly mothering.

I may have to attempt the grocery store on my own and start cooking meals again.

Being spoiled with help and food won’t ever get old I’m pretty sure. :)

I may have to do all these things in a week and a half but today I’m calling it good that I attempted my paper before emailing my professor and asking for an extension.

Today my little guy was extra needy and holding, bouncing, talking to and loving on him were more important than school in my mother-brain. I want him to feel happy and loved and taken care of because that’s how 12-day old babies should feel.

I’ll have to get used to how this new focus in my life effects my ability to complete assignments and learn to compensate and plan for it.

Earlier mornings, more structured activities for mom during nap times, and homework buddies/baby bouncers may be in order as I figure out the art of juggling a little more than before: husband, baby, important things, things I care about, and things that need to be done.

We’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully my professor gives me that extension since today the paper didn’t happen. Hopefully sometime this week though probably in smaller and more chunks of time than usual. I’m sure doing other things will get easier and more natural, but coming off of 12 days of baby focus takes effort.

The priority shift is absolute.

And the mom involvement in the life of baby wins today, tomorrow, and the next day.


2 thoughts on “Mother vs. School

  1. Alas…this pull was too hard for me to resist when C was born. Motherhood won. Didn’t finish. Didn’t graduate. Hard decision to make. You’re so close though! I’m sure you have plenty of loving arms to hold your precious baby while you finish!


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