April Goals

The beginning of the month seems like a good time to set some new and necessary goals. These goals will let me get back my normal activity level more quickly, be more healthy and juggle the life of mom, wife and student more effectively. Here’s what I have:

  • Take a nap everyday even if I don’t feel tired. (I’ve found if I don’t take a nap my evenings are very hard to get through and I sometimes feel achey and almost feverish)
  • Eat less sugar (this has really been out of control and I’m convinced it will be good for me. And yes I know, easter is this month.)
  • Run some each week and work on increasing it gradually (I’m gonna work on a plan. So excited. I ran across a parking lot yesterday and it made me inordinately happy.)
  • Go to sleep earlier than midnight on weeknights 
  • Take a walk outside with the babe everyday (vitamin D, folks)
  • Drink more water (I read somewhere that if you’re craving chocolate you just need water..so.. goodbye, chocolate! hello, hydration!)
  • Try some core work everyday (abs would be nice to have)
  • Get up earlier and get things done while my boys are asleep (i feel so much better if I don’t laze about in bed half the day. Something of an early bird pretending to be a night owl all too often.)
  • Continue on with my coursework for graduation. i’m definitely playing catch up, but it will be worth it. Graduation is in May! 

Ready! Set! Go!

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